About Us

Who we are

We are a young business filled with innovation and vigor for the courier service industry, our origin story is that of most businesses we found ourselves unhappy with a certain service and though we can do a better job at it. Point A to B operates according to the customer’s preference we get our edge from being flexible enough to satisfy all customers in their preferred method and conditions you make the rules. We provide you with all the necessary resources a truck, a driver, workers for loading and all other extra inquiries that we can help with.



Our Services



We cater for all your needs no matter the load.

Small loads

Need a van for a small load ,we have you sorted.

Big loads

We provide all requirements for your big loads including workers.

Large loads

We are there for you from the smallest to the largest loads we have you covered.

Special Load

Need a special type of courier service ,whether you want it refigerated or piano holstering or ruble removal anything it is we will get it done